#UGBlogWeek: My diamond among simple stones

 Continued/finalised from here

My honourable friend, the love of my life

You are my sunshine


Your eyes… your eyes… your eyes….

The glimmer from your eyes

Makes me feel like I just saw a wishing star fly past them

Need I describe your nose, naaaaaah!

It’s just as tender as marshmallows on burning coals

Your lips stretch to reveal your teeth

Which end in such a lavishing smile

Love seems like an understatement for what I feel for you

I wanna be yours forever

You’ve got a loving heart

Appreciable by all

You’re a good friend

A soul so worth

With a kind and big heart

For me, you are incomparable to nothing

You are your own replica

The years have gone by so fast

Feels like it’s at the pace of wind

But every day I love you more

Every day I cherish you more

Every day I treasure the man that God created

The impeccable friend that you are

I wanna be yours forever!



12 thoughts on “#UGBlogWeek: My diamond among simple stones

  1. I expected a twist to the be continuation, you know like loving someone who doesn’t love you back, irrespective your expressions and unconditional love towards them, yes that kind continuation.

    But oh well, maybe I am just over expectant! *takes chill pill*

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