#UGBlogWeek: Pocket full of shy (Verse IV)

Picked from #Chain 3:http://pkahill.com/pocket-full-of-shy-part-3-ugblogweek/

“Uuuuuhhhmmm! What’s your name again?”

Is what I always get to respond to

Every time we meet

It’s clear you don’t know how I feel

You just don’t even care

my heart shatters

This morning I heard the sound of the cock

I got the alert of a new day

It was golden bright outside

Not hot but just cool

I could feel the coolness of the breeze

The air waves falling on my skin

My hair swaying past my face

My heart skipped a little

 Coz of the tickle

Of my hair in my ear

I drowned into profound thought…….about you

My sunshine, my heartthrob, my everyday muse

I remembered the days I picked a leaf from Ruth

Placed myself in your way

For a number of times

Times uncountable

Only for you to notice…. notice… sisterly love!

(Drops a tear)


Am all in the throes of love

But you only notice the ……. SISTERLY LOVE????


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