Happy Women’s Day!!!!

The Woman, it’s she!


The handiwork of God
Well-crafted and wrought for her purpose
With a touch of exceptional beauty
She graces the ends of the earth
As the face of the human race
For without her, where would a child be?
Man or woman are fashioned from her

The Woman, it’s she!

The hard worker, slogging away at every task
She toils for years, all through her life
In grounds so bumpy
Coz she’s got a family to clothe
A baby to spawn
A whole world of children to nurture
She’s the mainstay of every home

The Woman, it’s she!

She’s not an item or play toy
But have you seen what she’s been used for?
Have you heard the words hurled at her?
Valueless, ugly, unworthy
To all this, she maintains her composure
She regards herself as priceless
Calls herself a Queen, an indubitable warrior

She’s got a good head over her shoulders
She draws her strength from her Creator
The only one who hears her clamor
And with great poise, she remains fresh and confident

The Woman, it’s she!



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