Let’s talk!!!

He woke up on a dreary morning

With just that unfit piece of him

That felt like an infection

More like pollution

A contamination, an illness, a sickness

A bred ailment of blankness


His life reeked of sorrow and pain

Filled with darkness and storms

With gray days fitting in like Cinderella’s shoe

And lonely week succeeding lonely week

He walked up to the rooftop

So ready to call it quits

With tears in his eyes

He said to himself,

“No, I’m done. It’s time to throw in the towel.”


At the raise of his foot

He heard a voice that said, “Hey Soldier,”

You’ve got Him

You’ve got me

You’ve got them

People all around you

To share life with you

To whisk you away to your path of freedom

Coz when we share, we heal.

So let’s share and fight together.



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