Please let me go…


Countless years ago

You knocked at my door

I gave you the ingress

I let you access

You asked for a chair

I gave you a comfy chair

You’re life became fair

While mine became unfair

Wish I had given you a stool

But instead I gave you a tool

A tool to feed me

You gave me a piece of you

I drowned into more of you

Now countless pieces of you

Remain embedded in me

You’re with me wherever I go

In my purse, at my desk, my table

Even in my kitchen

Almost becoming my chicken

You’ve stayed so long

Now it seems so wrong

Everyone is worried

That you shouldn’t be here

Here in my life

Coz my life you’re slaying

Dangerously wasting

Piece by piece

Piece by piece

You’re mincing me away

You’re becoming like Satan

Who’s given an inch

But takes on a mile

Am I rearing you?

Or am I harboring you?

Dear soil addiction

Please let me go.



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