Please stay with me


Please stay with me

At the mention of your name

My stomach churns

My body quivers and my heart skips

My skin falls in relaxation

Please stay with me

The thought of you

Makes my eyes roll endlessly

I move around carelessly

End up staggering aimlessly

Helplessly and Shamelessly

Please stay with me

When I smell your perfume

The scent stays with me

My exhaling ends with you

Inhaling starts with you

And goes on continuously

Breathing in constantly

Coz your scent refreshes me

It refreshes my inside

So I don’t wanna get it outside

Am afraid am gonna lose it

Losing it is losing you and

Losing you is losing me

Please stay with me

Even when you’re far away

You’re still here with me

In my mind, in my thoughts

The thought of you covers my thoughts

Your love keeps me at bay

Please stay with me and never go

Stay with me, keep me fresh

Stay with me, keep me in love


Please stay with me

I know life without you

I know life with you

I want life with you

Not just a piece of you

But all of you

So please … please … stay with me!!!



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