Dear Soldier…

It’s been a while since I was here but I’ve been cooking cooking cooking and cooking. I was inspired to continue the life series so this is picked up from Please enjoy

Dear Soldier,

I know you look up to the skies

too clear and yet too far, 

You bellow yearning for an answer

but all you get are echoes 

echoes of  your own voice.

You’re held up in a void

a vacuum with no air 

with no gravity you float away 

hopelessly and aimlessly 

like a western salsify seed to a destination unknown

But no matter what it feels like 

This weakness you bear!


look around, you’re the only one with a bald

so you disguise with a cap

with your fellows at the beach

in the scotching sun, you lose the cap

you do this to fit in?

But why?

should your barber have a bald too?

trust someone with this secret

there’s a doctor who puts an end to it

Who says, “It’s okay”

“It’s not a shame to feel it.”

Remember he did not donate blood

He shed it for our sake

I think he’s the best listener

you don’t have to live solely in it

but awake and slay it

pick your pieces and crash it

take a run through the maze and

stroll over the mess

Remember there’s hope……

this is by @skyagaba with help from two handsome brains, I’ll return with the next piece titled ‘THERE’S HOPE’



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