Am all smiles here because I know am a Victor and the hope that’s embedded within me is lit by the Glorious lamp, the Glorious Light of my Lord Jesus Christ.

There’s hope soldier


There is a hope springing from my inside, 

deep down from the depths of my inside 

It’s knocking at my door, the door of “His chambers,” the door of my heart.

So hard, so loud, it could be an echo, from the sound of a drop in the cave, more like the depth of the silence in a cave. 

Have I seen light at the end of the tunnel? 

This hope makes reality vanish into an endless dimness,

that sweeps off the images, the pictures of impossibility and turns them into actuality. 

This anticipation of happiness is identical to the excitement

of a salivating baby eager to suckle its mother’s breast.

 As I walk along the streets of my life, the paths that uncover my well meditated script,

the story of my life, or rather Job’s life in mine,

it feels like am reliving the eighteenth book of the Holy Book, counting 1, 2, 3, 4… and so on. 

The winds glide past me with voices of heroic might speaking,

“Go on, keep flipping those pages.” “Soon you’ll be at the end of it.”

Haha! I laugh!

Was I flipping any pages?

What chapter am I at by the way?




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