A year already? Here’s how we started…

Ever conquered fear? Here’s how I did mine…

Months ago, I had a chat with one of my friends who in his perspective, I was and I am a good writer. He’d seen and read a few stories I had written, poems plus the short stories I had written on people’s birthdays. “You are a good writer,” he said. During this chat, he asked me why I write and I responded, “I just write.” This sounded more like “I just find myself writing” so he rephrased and asked again, “why do you find yourself writing?” “Because I am passionate about writing, I enjoy writing stories whether true or imaginary, I love to write,” I responded. The conversation went on and on until a time he asked me to take my writing skill to another level, a more outward step rather than the undercover agent that I was playing.

A writer scribbles anywhere any time

For a moment I thought my friend had gone berserk or something close to that because how was I supposed to put my writings out to the world? HUH! I actually called him crazy because in my world I had always thought, am not good enough for the world’s eye. Besides, in my opinion, every other piece of writing I had read that was authored by someone else was very impressive as compared to mine. So how was I going to let my work be put out to the world with all the insecurity called fear that had blinded me? Several times I had told myself, “you can’t be like them, they’re too good, they’re skilled, and you’ll never be like them.” Well, true, I’ll never be like them because I wasn’t designed to be like them but rather to be me but how was I supposed to be me when I let one of our greatest downfalls (fear) rule over me? We were all designed, crafted and fashioned to be heroes in our gifts and because God is our source of creativity, I asked Him to guide me through and He did just that. He drove out my weakness which was my fear. God gave me a gift that I wasn’t using to benefit others so this chat was a wake up call that helped me discover that fear had engulfed me and I only needed to conquer it same way it conquered my life. It was around the time I was celebrating my life last year, when I gave myself the powers to cast out the fear that “I wasn’t good enough.” I got one of my pieces entitled, “A relationship with God” and started this blog.

Being intentional is starting up this blog a few hours to my birthday, being strategic is celebrating both anniversaries at the same time

Gladly, the welcome was massive, i received feedback from people who read it, they advised me, critiqued my work and made it better. I recently read through a piece I wrote many years ago and realized that if I had received an external judgment of that piece, it would have had a better outcome. Looking back to the times before today, I believe I’ve made progress and grown and still growing my skill because I came out of the cage, put out my work and received good counsel. I had always longed to be better with my writing but how was I going to become more creative without an external and more objective perspective about my work anyway? I have grown to be a better writer than I was before and will continue to grow for as long as I suffocate fear’s breath and shut out the arrows fear throws at me. From all this, I have learnt that if we don’t conquer fear, we shall continue believing that we are incapable of facing the unknown yet when we get fierce towards fear, we emerge victorious. I started here on 1st October, 2016 just a few hours from my birthday which is 2nd October so this is killing two birds with a stone. I pray and hope to continue with this with the help of y’all. It’s HAPPY NEW YEAR HERE.










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